Love Bonds are Eternal

Animals in spirit.

Following on from yesterday’s post about how end of life healing can help animals I thought I would share with you a heartwarming experience that I had back last winter.  I have never had any doubt that when the physical body expires, just as with humans there is a place for animals in spirit.

The day was cold, crisp with a bright blue, cloudless, sky and I decided to walk my dogs in the local woodland.  There was dusting of frost on the remaining leaves, it was as if everything had been dusted with diamonds.  We had been walking for about an hour and were making our way back to the car when I saw two men and a dog walking towards me.  The men were dressed in tweed style country clothing one was wearing a flat cap and the other had a long wooden staff, they were deep in conversation.  Beside the man with the staff walked a Black Labrador who was looking right up into the man’s face as he talked.  I payed attention to this dog, as I do any other, partly because I just love dogs and would not wish to waste an opportunity to  see one or even better interact with one!  The other reason is to check the approaching dog’s body language to make sure it will be sociable with my own.  However, this particular dog only had eyes for his human, it warmed my heart to see such an obvious display of love and devotion.  Yes I did use the ‘L word’.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, having worked with these animals for over two decades, that dogs feel love and what makes them such special creatures is that they love without condition.  Humans could learn a great deal from our canine companions!

I continued to watch and admire the beauty of the dog, but as they approached the dog began to fade.  The closer they got to me the more translucent the dog was, until when they were around 10 feet from me he disappeared completely and it was at this moment that I realised the dog was still taking walks with his friend from spirit.  I was flabbergasted!

This was the first such happening for me (although I had seen and felt my own dogs who have passed on occasion) and it gave me goosebumps from head to toe.  Those love bonds were allowing the dog to be with his companion for what was, probably, the thing that he enjoyed most during his lifetime in the physical word.  Since then I have been able to see / feel other animals that have passed away, but still have that loving bond with their owners, not just horses, dogs and cats, but a rabbit too.  It is very comforting and I feel very privileged to have had these experiences.

I think this poem sums it up beautifully.

I have not gone

You think I’ve gone, that I am dead, and life has lost its will,
But look around, I am right there, living with you still
I watch your tears, I feel your pain – I see the things you do
I weep as well, each time you cry, my soul, it lives with you

It gives such joy to hear you laugh, and do the things you do
And when you smile o’er by gone days, I smile right with you too
For we’re still one, just you and me, one mind, one soul, one being
Walking forward into life, though only you are seen

And in the stillness of the night, when the pain it really starts
Stretch out a little with your mind and draw me to your heart
For I am always right in there, always by your side
For you have been, all my life’s days, my joy, my love my pride.

Author unknown



End of Life Healing

Reiki Healing for terminally ill animals – a case history.

I have given Reiki to many animals who were terminally ill and as they crossed over.  It is a sad experience to see loving animal parents in such a state of sorrow, but end of life healing can also be a beautiful experience as they pass without fear and stress.

I would like to tell you about a dog that I was asked to give healing to earlier this year.  The dog was a large breed, I will not go into further details about the actual animal as this could be distressing for the owner.  He was extremely ill and had undergone major abdominal surgery.  The owner did not live in my area and so I was asked to send healing from a distance.  If you are not familiar with energy healing this sounds a bit whacky, but we are all energy and with some training and practice it is quite possible to send healing remotely – distance no object.

I am often asked to give healing as a last resort, it is something that many people seek out when all other options have failed and they are looking for a miracle.  I work with photographs as, for me, it is easier to get a connection with an animal or person through a picture.

I was sent a photograph of the dog, sat in my quiet space and very quickly got a good energetic link with him.  His energy was extremely low and experience has taught me that when I feel this it is a signal that means the animal is coming to the end of it’s life in the physical world or has reached a point where the spark of life is dimming.  Sometimes the spark will reignite and it is possible for a being to recover, usually if they have more to do with their lives.  This is something that they need to decide.

The first session was good, the owner reported that the dog had slept more peacefully than before.  In the morning I set about another healing session, with seriously ill animals or people I will do as many sessions a day as my intuition guides me to, sometimes every 2 hours initially.  As I tuned into the dog I immediately felt sick and although the dog was taking the energy, I knew that he was not going to pull through.  Later on in the day I felt drawn to send more healing and as I sat I felt that there had been a big shift in his energy, he was much calmer and more settled.  I then had a vision in my mind’s eye of an angel standing at the dog’s back one hand on his neck and one on his back, they looked up at me nodded and smiled and I felt the dog totally relax.  This was a most beautiful moment for me.  I knew he was where he was supposed to be.  I received an email the following morning to tell me he had passed away, but I already knew.

What is the point of end of life healing?
It is my belief that the reason I had been asked to send healing to this dog was to bring about an angelic presence to help him home, not to make him recover from his surgery as his time here had come to a close.  A few days later he appeared to me during a meditation looking well and happy and nodded his thanks to me.  This is something I have experienced many times sometimes days, weeks, months or even years after an animal has passed.

As light workers, spiritual warriors and healers it is important not to be attached to an outcome, all we can do is send healing for the highest good and sometimes that highest good means that it is time to go.

Poem Little Friend 

You have been there beside me for so many years,
Slept on my bed,
Comforted my tears,
Always pleased to see me,
When I return home,
Never that happy to be left on your own.

Now I look at you in the dusk of your days,
The light that shone brightly,
Is just a dim haze,
My heart fills with sadness,
As I know that soon,
Your time will arrive,
I will have to face that gloom.

I’ve just returned home,
From the out of hours vet,
I’m all alone now,
My eyes stinging and wet.
You lay in my car,
At last you have peace,
On your fluffy little cushion,
Snugly wrapped in a fleece.

We’ll lay you in the garden,
Maybe plant you a tree,
To commemorate your life,
And how you filled us with glee.

As I sit on my sofa,
New pup at my side,
I can laugh at the memories,
And remember how I’ve cried,
You will always be there with me,
There’s a place inside my heart,
You were such a special Little Man,
I’m we will never part.

©Lesley Collinson

Did Reiki Make the Dog’s Leg Grow Back?

Many years ago when I was a Reiki II practitioner and working in a veterinary practice I was able, with the agreement of the vet, to practice on some of the animals.  It was actually through seeing this that some of my colleagues asked me to treat them, as while they thought it was a bit weird they could see for themselves there was something to this Reiki business!

I would like to tell you about my one of my experiences with a Greyhound. The dog had sustained a irreparable leg injury on his left hind and needed surgery to remove the leg, the operation was skillfully performed by the vet and the dog was put in a kennel to rest and recover with the necessary medical paraphernalia attached to him.  The day after the operation I was on the early shift and as usual I had arrived with plenty of time to spare.  The dog was in his kennel and was so very stressed and in pain.  Removal of a limb is traumatic for any animal.  I spoke softly to the dog and immediately felt my hands begin to tingle.  I opened up the kennel door and got inside with the dog, he looked at me with such pain and anguish in his eyes, my heart went out to him.

I held my hands a little way from the dog and ‘connected’ with him, his look changed from panic to interest at what this lady was doing in his kennel! Animals often look quizzical when they feel the Reiki energy for the first time. When working with animals it is especially important to be led by them if a dog is frightened or uncomfortable it may bite, a cat scratch (or bite!) and a horse can give a nasty kick (and again bite!).  I then placed my hands on the dog’s shoulders and the Reiki really began to flow.  We sat like this for a while and he let out a huge sigh; a good sign.  I moved my hands to his head he looked into my eyes, it was a beautiful moment of two souls connecting.  He then realised that despite the lack of one of his limbs he was able to move and he lay down, his breathing slowed and he fell asleep, he slept for a long time and when he woke he was calm and relaxed.  He was able to go home, under supervision, later that day and walked out on his 3 legs with relative ease.

Did Reiki make his leg grow back?  Well of course it didn’t.  What it did was allow his body, mind and spirit to come to terms with the loss and heal itself.  The dog recovered from his surgery well and remarkably quickly.  With Reiki miraculous things can and do happen, but it is a facilitator rather than a magic wand.  It brings back the balance that creates a healing environment.

*The picture in this article is not the actual dog, but the spitting image of him.

Namaste to the Animals.

Being an empath who has been blessed with the gift of animal communication is a wonderful thing, it is a joy, but sometimes it can be a curse!  Those times when there isn’t an opportunity to help an animal that is suffering either emotionally or physically really can have an impact.

As I drive around the countryside in my car, walk through my local town and woodlands I see animals, literally everywhere, who have problems.  All that I am able to do is offer a prayer and blessing for those souls.  Whether it is the horse in the field that I pick up has a sore back because it’s saddle is not correctly fitted, a farm animal in the middle of a field, that my mind’s eye shines a spotlight on and as I focus in I can see that this animal is in pain, but the thing that really gets to me is when I see loving dog owners walking their pets completely oblivious to the fact that their dog has a sore back, is lame on a particular leg or is elderly and exhausted because it can’t manage the long walk that once it did when it was in the flush of youth.

During my time working in veterinary practice I encountered many people who, whilst they loved their pets, had no concept that they were suffering;  The dog owner who would bring his dog in on three legs and say “He’s been like that for months, but he’s not in any pain.”  Of course if the dog’s leg was not painful they would be able to walk on it!  For me, the pain was written all over the dog’s face irrespective of what state the leg was in.

I do believe that the tides are turning.  Many years ago few people raised an eyebrow at animals being neglected or poorly treated, but now more and more people are aware of the suffering of animals that are bred for commerce, especially with the help of the internet to highlight, on a global scale, some of the things that animals have to go through in their lives.   The Vegan movement is one of the fastest growing movements this decade. Yet still our animal loving nation are walking around unaware of the discomfort that their own pets are experiencing from physical and sometimes emotional pain.

We live very busy lives in the western world and the majority of people spend an enormous amount of time in their heads, thinking about what has happened and what is yet to happen and forgetting to be present in the here and now.  People often walk the dog wearing headphones or looking at their mobile phones, scant interaction occurs between man and beast and so the subtle signs of suffering are overlooked.

We can all play our part in raising the awareness that animals feel pain and are capable of feeling a range of complex emotions from the depths of sadness and despair to happiness and love.  I am not saying they experience those things in exactly the same way that we do, with human reasoning,  I am not trying to humanise animals.  The mission here is purely to get people thinking about the other creatures that we share our lives and the planet with and treat them as we would treat any other member of our family.  We are all family, we are all connected, there is no them and us, there is only interconnection on an energetic level all the way down to the air that we breathe, every breath that we take is made up of atoms that have been around for a very long time when our ancestors roamed the earth.

Let’s start greeting animals with Namaste “the Divine in me honours the Divine in you”.


Dog Training the Reiki Way

Firstly, for those who are only just meeting me, let me explain that my background is in dog training and behaviour.  So before you think I am some kind of ‘floaty, dress your dog in angel wings and all will be well’ kind of gal – I will tell you now that I am not!  What I am is someone who has be benefit of understanding how and why dogs do stuff coupled with an understanding of energy and energy healing and how it affects all aspects of our lives whether we realise it or not and on top of all that an unrivalled passion, love and respect for all animals, but especially dogs.

Living with a dog can be a wonderful experience of man and canine in perfect harmonious partnership, but sadly my work has shown me that this isn’t always the case.  I hope this precursor to my book will help you regain a little more harmony in your relationship with man’s best friend.  Here I will talk about living the ‘Reiki way’ with your dog, don’t panic though you don’t have to know how to do Reiki to achieve this, although it can certainly help.

Most of the problems that develop in the dog / owner relationship are routed in a communication break down.  Please remember dogs are not English speaking animals!  When I said this to one of my behaviour clients a few years ago she said “Ah yes you are right, he is from Spain so he speaks Spanish!”  Not quite Pedro actually spoke DOG!  The communication break down can be split into two main parts; a lack of understanding of what a dog was bred to do and ‘humanising’ the dog; that is placing human expectations of behaviour onto the dog.

Let’s start with the breed specific communication problem.  For example Gundogs like Labrador Retrievers, Spaniels and so on will often like to carry something in their mouths and if appropriately attractive things aren’t available to carry they will bring you the first thing that looks like it fits the bill; slippers, shoes, dirty laundry, they never lack in enthusiasm for finding something to greet you with – it is what they are genetically hard wired to do.  Lurchers, Greyhounds and other hound breeds will like to chase pray and some hounds are very scent focused, everyone knows about Blood Hounds!  Collies and other Shepherd breeds like to herd things which often involves the chasing of a jogger and nipping at their heels! Terriers like to kill things and it is best if this is one of it’s own toys rather than the pet hamster!

When your most precious possession ends up with dog teeth marks in it, your Sunday roast gets taken from the worktop or you once again apologise to a member of the public for a doggy misdemeanour you have a choice you can react with anger, shout at maybe even hit the dog in an attempt to teach it a lesson or you can approach it the Reiki way:  You will not give rise to anger, you won’t succumb to worry, you will remember your many blessings and be grateful for them and you will be kind to your furry companion (4 of the 5 Reiki Principles).  This is step 1 it will then provide a positive learning environment for teaching to begin.  Step 2 is to ask yourself what reward is the dog getting from this behaviour and how can you redirect it in a positive way?  Work at finding another behaviour that is incompatible with the undesirable one that the dog will enjoy.

Here is an example that happened to me just this morning whilst walking one of my dogs;  He is off lead and a lady is approaching, not just any lady, this one had groceries in bags and for all I knew there could have been chicken, sausage, cheese – all his favourites.  I noticed him looking, putting his nose in the air to see what he could smell and before his brain had totally engaged I called him to me, he sat as I had trained him to do and then walked beside me as requested all the while being told how clever he was.  Here is the sequence: “Fido come, good boy.  Fido sit, clever lad (gentle stroke behind the ear).  Fido Heel, good lad”.  Lady passes by as the dog walks at my side. “OH WOW WHAT A GOOD BOY, WELL DONE FELLA” (enthusiastic voice, hand clapping and a food reward of appropriate value). My dog trotted along, head and tail carriage high, having had a confidence boost and a positive interaction.  I didn’t need to tell him off and erode my relationship with him as he had been redirected in positive way and given guidance on what the desirable behaviour was.

Humanising our dogs is something that we are all guilty of at times.  We expect them to not stick there noses up Grandma’s bottom when she comes to visit even though this is a perfectly reasonable way for a dog to greet and fact find about a visitor in the Canine world.  Dogs have a range of emotions just as we do they can get depressed, angry, happy, a bit cheesed off etc, however, this doesn’t mean that the same things trigger those emotions.  One emotion that is very misunderstood is guilt.  The whole ‘he knows he has been bad, just look at the way he is hiding under the table’ scenario.  As I said before if a dog finds something rewarding it is likely to repeat it, but this could be the stress relief that it finds by chewing the sofa when it has been left for an extended period with no prior exercise and no training on how to cope when the social pack animal is left home alone.

Dogs are not naughty, they don’t plot to drive you crazy, but if you ignore them when they are being good, neglect to teach them what are suitably rewarding activities for both dog and owner and here is the big one don’t give them adequate exercise then your human behavioural expectations will not be met.

So where does Universal energy (Reiki) fit into all of this, aside from living by the principles mentioned earlier?  We are energy, so are our dogs in fact all living things are made of energy.  You and your dog have a biomagnetic energy field around you (your aura) and when you have a good understanding bond with your dog the energy will flow freely, love and positivity vibrates at a higher frequency than anger and dislike.  When you sit on the sofa with your dog and have one of those beautiful moments where you look into each others souls, your energy fields merge, you experience an intense loving feeling and a release of the hormone Oxytocin which research has shown that dogs also experience.

When you are angry your energy frequency changes, there will be no opportunity for Oxytocin release and you will not get the strong bond with your dog that you would like.  I have known trainers who use punitive methods of getting a dog to do what they want and the dog responds out of fear because it has been broken.  Dogs are extremely sensitive to their owners emotions, they will know when you are depressed, angry or happy, sometimes before you do!  They are particularly adept and watching your body language, picking up on key ‘trigger’ words and I believe detecting a change in your Aura.  If you would like to know more about the science of energy frequencies and Reiki this is an extremely good scientific document.

In a nutshell what you project out your dog will respond to.  Take a little time to learn what makes him / her tick and tap into those genetic predispositions that most dogs (mongrels too) will have.  Above all try to live with your dog by the Reiki principles. 

This is just a taste of how to begin to live in harmony with your dog.  If you are having problems please seek the advice of a suitably qualified professional who uses positive training methods. Read Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson, Think Dog by John Fisher and Clever Dog by Sarah Whiteheadand of course ‘Train Your Dog the Reiki Way when it is published!

Do Animals Say Thank You?

I have recently had a spate of wild birds coming right up to me, these birds are all poorly in some way or another.  Some just look done in, some have injured legs, wings or eye problems.  I send them healing, say a little blessing for them and off they go.  Some come back the next day and the day after for ‘treatments’ and then fly away.

Something I have noticed over my years working with animals is if you make a ‘heart to heart’ connection with them and help them with either healing, helping them adjust to living with a family or rescuing them from a traumatic or stressful  situation they often will come back to you when they are feeling better and say thank you.  Obviously I don’t mean they speak words, but they will come up and make an acknowledgement.  Wild birds will come really close look right at me chirrup and fly away, dogs tend to do a nose bump to the hand and cats do it in a style that only a cat could!  In my personal experience they come right up  close as with the other animals, give eye contact that seems to come deep from their soul to mine, will invite some physical touch from me before getting on with their lives.  I have also experienced animals that I have tried to help or that I have given healing to as they are passing away spring up in meditations to say thank you, sometimes years after the event.  Of course this could be my imagination, but these are often instances that have been forgotten about and anyone who has had profound meditation experiences will know that you can tell the difference between these and an imagining.

During my time spent dog training and helping with behaviour problems I have visited homes where there has been a complete communication and relationship breakdown between a dog and it’s owner.  After working with them the owner will often come to the realisation that the way they were trying to communicate what was expected of the dog to it was actually causing the problem as the dog didn’t understand the language, shouting, beatings etc.  These were beautiful moments where the owner’s whole way of interacting with the dog changed immediately as we worked together in a way that both human and canine understood.  Often at the end of the session the dog would come over to me, look into my face, nose bump or lick my hand and walk away again.

Those of us privileged enough to share our lives in some way with animals will tell you that they are feeling, thinking beings and it is our duty to respect them.

Be compassionate to yourself and others. 5th Reiki Precept.

Animal Healing and Communication Workshop


7th October 2017 

This one day workshop is an introduction to energy healing for animals and animal communication.  You will  learn how to strengthen your bond with your pets,  discover how to tap in to the energy that is all around and use it to connect with your animals physically, mentally and spiritually.

No previous experience is necessary.


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I discovered energy healing out of desperation to heal a very sick cat in 2000, you can read about my experience here.  Shortly after this I looked into learning Reiki and in 2007 I became a Reiki Master.  I have worked with animals for most of my working life running a successful canine behaviour practice for over 20 years from which I have now retired and also working as a veterinary assistant. Animals are my life!  I have given healing to many different sorts of animals one of the most unusual was a tiny bat that was bought into the veterinary practice presumed to be fatally injured by a lady’s cat.  I held it in my hands gave it Reiki and it sprung to life which made me jump!

Healing the Dog

Tales from the Reiki treatment room.

I want to share with you some of the experiences that I have had working with Reiki.  The first one is about a young dog who was about to lose his front leg. I will call him Bob.

It was 2002 and I was working at a veterinary practice in East Sussex.  I was a level II Reiki practitioner and having the time of my life practising on some of the patients, with the permission of the vet.  The Vet’s dog, Bob a Whippet, had a nasty accident and injured his front leg quite badly, it was operated on; it didn’t heal; it was operated on again; it didn’t heal after all manner of treatments were given, still the leg got worse.

The vet was due to go overseas for a month and I had volunteered to look after his two dogs, as you may know dogs are my ‘thing’ and a couple of extras added onto my 4 did not phase me!  The other vet was under instructions that Bob’s leg would probably have to be amputated whilst his dad was away.  I took Bob in for him to be examined and the other vet concurred that an amputation was going to have to happen later in the week.  At this point I begged him to give me 2 weeks to see if I could do anything for the dog.  He agreed to humour me.  I gave him Reiki morning and night and a great deal of TLC and almost immediately I began to see an improvement, not just in the leg, but in the way the dog was coping mentally with the injury.

My two weeks was up and I took Bob to work with me, the vet put him on the examination table and gave me the sort of smile that people give you when they are trying to tell you in a nice way that you are a ‘deluded, weirdo, hippy’!  He removed the dressing from the leg and the wry smile fell straight from his face and his mouth dropped open as he looked at a leg with a nasty scar, but nothing else.  At this point I indulged my ego and danced around the surgery singing ‘I told you, it is real’ (I was younger then)!  To say the vet was gobsmacked was an understatement and when Bob’s dad returned home expecting to find a 3 legged dog he was also flabbergasted.

I truly believe that this was meant to be in order to teach two men who were very routed in science and conventional medicine that there is more to life than science has been able to explore at this time.

Reiki can’t save the leg of every dog who is facing amputation and is not a replacement for veterinary care, but even if it can’t solve the presenting problem it can help with healing and the adjustment process.

Talk to the Animals

Reiki and animal communiction.

I have always been a bit different from the norm as a child I would sing hymns to God in the garden, chat to Angels in my bedroom and talk with creatures that I collected outdoors while playing!  It wasn’t until I started working with dogs that I found I seemed to be more ‘in tune’ with their feelings both physical and emotional than other folk.  AND THEN…. I was attuned to Reiki and a whole other world began to open up.  In the early days I had no control of what was happening and was often woken in the early hours with as many voices telling me things as my brain could cope with.  It was like waking up in Victoria train station at rush hour!

Having witnessed my journey so far and been part of my experience with Button the cat a very dear friend asked if I could help her horse.  He was out on loan and was supposed to be competing, but despite success in the past he was not getting on at all well.  His behaviour was quite a challenge, he had always been a spirited horse but not like this; they couldn’t do a thing with him.

My friend came to me and said “Darling you have to talk to Chris, (the horse) find out what is wrong with him.”  I said that I would try, but couldn’t promise anything – I had never met him so asked for a photograph and sat with the picture between my hands, connected to Reiki and waited.  Firstly thoughts began to drift into my head, thoughts of being sad, stressed and unhappy and I instinctively knew that the thoughts were attached not to me but the horse.  Then I saw pictures of the horse being forced to do things that he was not comfortable with.  I knew that he wasn’t in the right place for him.  I told my friend all this and being a very proactive person she got straight down to action and found a new place for him and retired him from competition.  His behaviour immediately changed back to his old self and he lived a happy life for the rest of his days.

Since this experience many years ago I have had the privilege of communicating with other horses, dogs and cats both whilst visiting them and remotely through photographs.  One thing this has taught me is not to underestimate the range of emotions that an animal can experience and how, just like us, those emotions can affect their physical wellbeing.

Reiki opened up this part of me and I consider it to be the most wonderful gift that has been given me to use in the best way I know how.

This is what Chris’s owner said: “Those of you who know Lesley will be aware of her enormous empathy with all of our four legged companions. Those of you who don’t, you would be absolutely amazed at her connection and tuning in on their thoughts either from a distance or hands on. It really is wonderful to see the expression on the animal’s face as they realise this person can understand how they are feeling and if there is a health problem she is able to pinpoint from where the trouble lies.  I have seen her bring a cat, who had all but given up, after a complicated operation, back, from passing away.  There have been so many animals she has helped over the years.  She truly is very gifted” Helene

The Dog Whisperer

Double pay off: ball and cool muddy water!
Double pay off: ball and cool muddy water!

I have recently been given the title of Dog Whisperer by some lovely ladies who I have been fortunate to meet through my reiki-logo-smlerReiki Practice.  This is not something I have ever called myself as I think it was a shameless copying of Monty Roberts, The Horse Whisperer for whom I have a great deal of respect.  It seems to me that most of the people who call themselves Dog Whisperers are in actual fact dog trainers some of who fail to use, kind, hands off training methods which is really what the term Whisperer refers to, my understanding is that it is about connecting with an animal in a way that it understands.  So I suppose those ladies were right in a way as this is exactly what I do!

I have always called myself a dog trainer, but perhaps I could call myself a Dog Speaker or a Hound Harmonizer?  My whole working life with dogs and their owners has been about helping them gain more effective communication with their pets.  It is my opinion that the majority of training problems are down to one simple factor and that is a breakdown in communication between human and canine.  Methods and scientific research in dog behaviour has moved on over the last 20+ years that I have been doing this and that only serves to make the work easier as the human race gains greater understanding of what makes our canine companions tick.

Living with a dog should be about mutual respect and understanding rather than one species dominating, punishing or abusing another. The way dogs learn is quite simple and it is up to us as a species  to understand this.  If a dog finds something rewarding it will be highly likely to repeat it (not too different from us really) if it is not rewarding the dog is less likely to repeat it, if it is dangerous it will avoid if it is safe it will not.  Here is where the communication break down kicks in, this seems a perfectly simple and logical state of affairs until you begin to understand what is rewarding and not rewarding for a dog.  Here is an extreme example to illustrate my point:-  take the cases of several Border Collies who live in rural communities and have access to the country lanes where they live, being a herding breed with a hard wired chase instinct, in the absence of ‘official work’ these Collies love to chase cars, many of them have been hit by cars and even lost limbs – not rewarding and dangerous I hear you cry and you would be right UNLESS you are a Border Collie who has a very strong genetically programmed urge to chase.  The reward they get from the chase is greater than the possible consequences and therefore if the behaviour is not redirected to something safer many of these dogs will continue to chase vehicles.

So if your dog keeps repeating a behaviour that doesn’t work with your lifestyle ask yourself what reward is he or she getting from it, when you have established what is ‘turning the dog on’ you can then work to redirect the behaviour to a more suitable activity.

For complex behaviour and training issues please always seek professional help.