Big, beautiful, bouncy Boxer dogs.

The competition for the best retail advertisement at Christmas continues to grow each year with John Lewis and Marks and Spencer being two of the giants.  I am sure I was not the only doggy professional to let out a groan when I watched the John Lewis ad for the first time.  It features #ButsterTheBoxer who watches quietly as a group of wild animals have fun bouncing on the trampoline that has been bought for the family’s daughter.  Groan number 1!  I wonder if this causes people to have unrealistic expectations about their dog’s behaviour.  How many dogs would sit calmly at the patio doors whilst wild animals walked across their garden.  Mine get quite excited if they find a hedgehog under a shrub and one learnt the hard way that it is not a good idea to sniff a hedgehog or you get you nose prickled!  Buster The Boxer patiently waits until the morning and when the patio door is opened, charges towards the trampoline and has a wonderful time bouncing.

One of our dogs loved the trampoline, for sunbathing and looking over the fence!

One of our dogs loved the trampoline, for sunbathing and looking over the fence!

Groan number 2!  I am not saying that some dogs do not enjoy a trampoline, one of mine is included in this group, but not all dogs will enjoy this particularly if it is something that is pushed on them rather than discovering for themselves.


Our beautiful girl (now passed) who came to us called Perdy when the 101 Dalmations movie was popular - we were home number 5 at 9 months!

Our beautiful girl (now passed) who came to us called Perdy when the 101 Dalmations movie was popular – we were home number 5 at 9 months!

The BIG GROAN number 3 is a bit more serious, whenever dogs are heavily featured in the media this sparks and interest in the breed, which in turn causes some people to purchase a dog (1) from a less scrupulous breeder (because it is cheaper) and (2) because it is cute, with little or no thought as to whether the breed fits in with the family’s lifestyle.

Boxers are fantastic, intelligent, loyal dogs, but they are not for everyone. If you are thinking of getting one of these dogs there are some basic considerations.

  • These dogs were originally bred for Bull baiting and guarding, they are STRONG! Are you physically able to cope with a big strong dog?
  • They have a lot of energy and therefore require a lot of exercise, a trot round the block will not suffice. Do you have the time and energy to cope with the exercise requirements?
  • This breed loves company.  Will the dog be left for extended periods of time? If they are bored or stressed the default coping mechanism of many Boxers is destruction.  They will try and chew through doors and walls to get to their owners, chew up the sofa, carpet, curtains – you name it they may destroy it. Do you have knowledge and the time to ensure that you can prevent attachment problems and provide coping strategies.
  • Boxers are the breed that never grows up.  Will you enjoy a dog that retains it’s youthful ‘joie de vevre’ well into maturity.

I am not trying to put the prospective Boxer owner off, what I am attempting to achieve is put off the impulse purchase based on Buster The Boxer is so cute!

Find yourself a good breeder or rescue center who will offer sound advice and check you out.  They will want to know about your living arrangements, family and lifestyle – this is a good thing. If you need help find a reputable trainer who uses positive training methods.

Above all enjoy a wonderful fun filled life with your Boxer dog!

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