Clicker training is a fantastic breakthrough in the world of animal training, it is now used by some zoos and animal parks to get large essentially wild animals to accept taking medicine, getting into a crate and moving from one enclosure to another the applications are endless.

When I first heard Clicker training in the mid 1990’s I was very skeptical and felt that it could be a gimmick wending its way from the USA to the UK. However, I thought I would do a practical course (to prove myself right) and it blew my mind!

I have since had the privilege of  practicing this on emotionally damaged rescued dogs at an RSPCA shelter, on my own dogs and to help people and their dogs.

The clicker is a small plastic box that makes a sound to tell the dog a reward is coming.  It is basically a precision timing training tool and has the advantage of breaking a behaviour into its smallest components.

How it can help…

  • great for puppy training
  • it is fun for you and the dog
  • it can teach a stressed dog to relax
  • it can easily transfer from person to person
  • nearly all dogs respond well to it
    To find out more about clicker training contact Lesley


I am a Reiki Master, healer, Lightworker, writer and a seeker of the spiritual gifts of the Universe. Specialising in animal healing and communication, Reiki for people, inspirational blog,, meditation lessons, workshops and spiritual life guidance. I have a background in canine behaviour. I believe firmly that although life gives us challenges we don’t have to be broken by them. I aim to bring back balance in a hectic world through simple, gentle yet effective techniques. My Websites offer information about Reiki treatments for people,, and animals,, workshops and meditation lessons in East Sussex, UK. Reiki is a wonderful complimentary therapy that works well alongside conventional therapies and can assist all manner of problems from emotional, physical and spiritual.

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