Puppy Training

Puppy training is done 1-2-1 in real life situations, we can…
  • teach the puppy to walk to heel on a proper walk
  • teach him to sit quietly in your lounge while you have a cup of tea, a personal favourite as I get to drink tea too!
  • teach pup to come back to you where there are distractions and exciting smells
  • teach basic doggy manners like not to jump up
  • cover all the basics sit, come, lay down, heel, wait, house training, biting and chewing
  • discuss basic health care
  • discuss any specific areas that you would like to target
  • show you how to live a long and happy life together
  • you decide how many sessions you require

We no longer teach classes in the traditional village hall environment, there are many good classes out there and some not so good!  Classes can be a stressful environment for dog and owner alike and not always the best environment for a positive learning experience.

We prefer to work with you as an individual, tailor sessions to suit what you want to achieve to make your relationship work with your dog; for example there is no point in me teaching you how to keep your pet off the furniture if you, as I do, love nothing better than to cuddle up together of an evening.

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