Spiritual Dog Training

I have been a qualified Dog Trainer and Behaviour Expert since the early 1990’s running my own behaviour and training practice for over 20 years and being a Canine Behaviour Consultant to a local veterinary practice.  Due to demand and after a break to concentrate on my Reiki and Animal Communication work I am now back to offer training whilst combining these other aspects to ensure a kind, effective and peaceful way to train your dog.  This is deliberately called ‘Spiritual Dog Training’ as opposed to ‘Dog Obedience Training’ and this infers that in order to have a dog that we are able to co-exist with we in some way must force it to conform to obedience.  These training methods are based on a relationship of love and mutual respect, not to be confused with anthropomorphism.

Dogs have always have been a passion of mine and I have been privileged to be the guardian of several beautiful and unique individuals over the last 33 years.

I now openly combine many years of learning and teaching Dog Training, Reiki and Animal Communication to help owners live harmoniously with their canine friends.  This can often have an immediate and positive impact on their own stress levels and quality of life.

How can I help you and your dog/s.

Lower stress levels for both of you.  Sometimes when a dog is unruly the whole family suffers and the higher the stress levels the more unruly the dog’s behaviour can become.  This is often because the communication between human and dog have broken down.
Help you to teach the dog what you expect of it.  Dogs react to their environment in a canine way, very often their guardians have human expectations of them.  I can help your dog learn what you find acceptable behaviour verses impolite; such as jumping up on visitors.
Make walks a thing of pleasure rather than stress.  I often see many stressed out, often embarrassed, dog owners coupled with confused, stressed and sometimes frightened dogs. Dogs can pull on the lead, bark at other dogs, cyclists, joggers etc and won’t come back when you call.
Help dogs cope better with separation. A dog that finds it difficult to cope when it is left alone for short periods can be a big problem, they can be destructive or noisy whilst some become morose. Any of these is a problem for both you and the dog. The dog can be taught coping strategies.
Help with barking.  Dogs bark for a variety of reasons and living with one who is an avid barker can not only be very trying for you, but also your neighbours!  We can work together at teaching your dog when it is appropriate to be quiet.

Help with aggressive behaviour.   Dogs display aggression for a number of reasons; fear, resource guarding and sometimes because they have inadvertently been taught this behaviour as a coping mechanism from a loving meaning owner.  We can work to teach your dog a new way of being.

House training.  Whether it is a puppy, an older dog or a rescue dog inappropriate toileting behaviour can be a problem.  It poses a hygiene issue and can cause unpleasant odours.  Dogs do not toilet in the house to spite their guardians, we can work to teach them the right way.

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