Namaste to the Animals.

Being an empath who has been blessed with the gift of animal communication is a wonderful thing, it is a joy, but sometimes it can be a curse!  Those times when there isn’t an opportunity to help an animal that is suffering either emotionally or physically really can have an impact.

As I drive around the countryside in my car, walk through my local town and woodlands I see animals, literally everywhere, who have problems.  All that I am able to do is offer a prayer and blessing for those souls.  Whether it is the horse in the field that I pick up has a sore back because it’s saddle is not correctly fitted, a farm animal in the middle of a field, that my mind’s eye shines a spotlight on and as I focus in I can see that this animal is in pain, but the thing that really gets to me is when I see loving dog owners walking their pets completely oblivious to the fact that their dog has a sore back, is lame on a particular leg or is elderly and exhausted because it can’t manage the long walk that once it did when it was in the flush of youth.

During my time working in veterinary practice I encountered many people who, whilst they loved their pets, had no concept that they were suffering;  The dog owner who would bring his dog in on three legs and say “He’s been like that for months, but he’s not in any pain.”  Of course if the dog’s leg was not painful they would be able to walk on it!  For me, the pain was written all over the dog’s face irrespective of what state the leg was in.

I do believe that the tides are turning.  Many years ago few people raised an eyebrow at animals being neglected or poorly treated, but now more and more people are aware of the suffering of animals that are bred for commerce, especially with the help of the internet to highlight, on a global scale, some of the things that animals have to go through in their lives.   The Vegan movement is one of the fastest growing movements this decade. Yet still our animal loving nation are walking around unaware of the discomfort that their own pets are experiencing from physical and sometimes emotional pain.

We live very busy lives in the western world and the majority of people spend an enormous amount of time in their heads, thinking about what has happened and what is yet to happen and forgetting to be present in the here and now.  People often walk the dog wearing headphones or looking at their mobile phones, scant interaction occurs between man and beast and so the subtle signs of suffering are overlooked.

We can all play our part in raising the awareness that animals feel pain and are capable of feeling a range of complex emotions from the depths of sadness and despair to happiness and love.  I am not saying they experience those things in exactly the same way that we do, with human reasoning,  I am not trying to humanise animals.  The mission here is purely to get people thinking about the other creatures that we share our lives and the planet with and treat them as we would treat any other member of our family.  We are all family, we are all connected, there is no them and us, there is only interconnection on an energetic level all the way down to the air that we breathe, every breath that we take is made up of atoms that have been around for a very long time when our ancestors roamed the earth.

Let’s start greeting animals with Namaste “the Divine in me honours the Divine in you”.