Courses and Training

We offer a range of spiritual development courses to suit all levels of ability and interest.

angel featherAn introduction to Reiki and energy healing. 

Are you curious to find out more about healing and see if it is something that you would like to explore?  This is a half day workshop.  Find out how it works, how it can enhance your life and if it is for you.

angel featherReiki Attunements

Level one is primarily for self healing it also enables at this level Reiki can be practiced on family, friends and pet animals.  This is also the foundation level for people who would like to progress further.  This is a 6 week course, 2 hours per week for work in a small group or a total of 10 hours tuition if done one to one.

Practitioner Level deepens and strenghtens the connection to  Reiki.  Students will learn how to use the Reiki symbols in their healing. Once completed students will be able treat clients as a professional. This is a 6 week course, 2 hours per week for work in a small group or a total of 10 hours tuition if done one to one. Extra tuition is available for animal Reiki.

Master / teacher Level.   The 3rd level  completes the attunement process to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. This is a 6 week course, 2 hours per week for work in a small group or a total of 10 hours tuition if done one to one.  This level continues to strengthen the connection and understanding of Reiki.

angel feather Animal Communication

This course is facilitated by Lesley of Animal Healing Sussex and Samantha Brightwater Reiki it is a 2 day comprehensive workshop to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable effective, validated communication with other species. Raising awareness of the benefits of this for participants and for their animal “communicatees” along with the wider benefits of recognising the need for all to be Animal Ambassadors/Advocates.

angel featherAn introduction to Animal healing and Animal communication.

This one day workshop is an introduction to energy healing for animals and animal communication.  You will  learn how to strengthen your bond with your pets, discover how to tap in to the energy that is all around and use it to connect with your animals physically, mentally and spiritually.

angel featherViolet Flame Chakra Awakening.  

A one day workshop to awaken the Violet Flame Chakra.  Learn how to work with this wonderful multi-dimensional healing tool.  

angel featherHappiness Ladder workshop

A 2.5 hour mini workshop Everybody wants to be happy, but this can sometimes be a challenge in our society.  During this workshop you will learn tools to help you stay on top of life when it feels like it is trying to drag you down.

If would like to see dates of organised events please click here.  We can arrange 1-2-1 workshops and courses, special events for groups of friends or clubs get in touch to find out more.


End of Life Healing

Reiki Healing for terminally ill animals – a case history.

I have given Reiki to many animals who were terminally ill and as they crossed over.  It is a sad experience to see loving animal parents in such a state of sorrow, but end of life healing can also be a beautiful experience as they pass without fear and stress.

I would like to tell you about a dog that I was asked to give healing to earlier this year.  The dog was a large breed, I will not go into further details about the actual animal as this could be distressing for the owner.  He was extremely ill and had undergone major abdominal surgery.  The owner did not live in my area and so I was asked to send healing from a distance.  If you are not familiar with energy healing this sounds a bit whacky, but we are all energy and with some training and practice it is quite possible to send healing remotely – distance no object.

I am often asked to give healing as a last resort, it is something that many people seek out when all other options have failed and they are looking for a miracle.  I work with photographs as, for me, it is easier to get a connection with an animal or person through a picture.

I was sent a photograph of the dog, sat in my quiet space and very quickly got a good energetic link with him.  His energy was extremely low and experience has taught me that when I feel this it is a signal that means the animal is coming to the end of it’s life in the physical world or has reached a point where the spark of life is dimming.  Sometimes the spark will reignite and it is possible for a being to recover, usually if they have more to do with their lives.  This is something that they need to decide.

The first session was good, the owner reported that the dog had slept more peacefully than before.  In the morning I set about another healing session, with seriously ill animals or people I will do as many sessions a day as my intuition guides me to, sometimes every 2 hours initially.  As I tuned into the dog I immediately felt sick and although the dog was taking the energy, I knew that he was not going to pull through.  Later on in the day I felt drawn to send more healing and as I sat I felt that there had been a big shift in his energy, he was much calmer and more settled.  I then had a vision in my mind’s eye of an angel standing at the dog’s back one hand on his neck and one on his back, they looked up at me nodded and smiled and I felt the dog totally relax.  This was a most beautiful moment for me.  I knew he was where he was supposed to be.  I received an email the following morning to tell me he had passed away, but I already knew.

What is the point of end of life healing?
It is my belief that the reason I had been asked to send healing to this dog was to bring about an angelic presence to help him home, not to make him recover from his surgery as his time here had come to a close.  A few days later he appeared to me during a meditation looking well and happy and nodded his thanks to me.  This is something I have experienced many times sometimes days, weeks, months or even years after an animal has passed.

As light workers, spiritual warriors and healers it is important not to be attached to an outcome, all we can do is send healing for the highest good and sometimes that highest good means that it is time to go.

Poem Little Friend 

You have been there beside me for so many years,
Slept on my bed,
Comforted my tears,
Always pleased to see me,
When I return home,
Never that happy to be left on your own.

Now I look at you in the dusk of your days,
The light that shone brightly,
Is just a dim haze,
My heart fills with sadness,
As I know that soon,
Your time will arrive,
I will have to face that gloom.

I’ve just returned home,
From the out of hours vet,
I’m all alone now,
My eyes stinging and wet.
You lay in my car,
At last you have peace,
On your fluffy little cushion,
Snugly wrapped in a fleece.

We’ll lay you in the garden,
Maybe plant you a tree,
To commemorate your life,
And how you filled us with glee.

As I sit on my sofa,
New pup at my side,
I can laugh at the memories,
And remember how I’ve cried,
You will always be there with me,
There’s a place inside my heart,
You were such a special Little Man,
I’m we will never part.

©Lesley Collinson

Namaste to the Animals.

Being an empath who has been blessed with the gift of animal communication is a wonderful thing, it is a joy, but sometimes it can be a curse!  Those times when there isn’t an opportunity to help an animal that is suffering either emotionally or physically really can have an impact.

As I drive around the countryside in my car, walk through my local town and woodlands I see animals, literally everywhere, who have problems.  All that I am able to do is offer a prayer and blessing for those souls.  Whether it is the horse in the field that I pick up has a sore back because it’s saddle is not correctly fitted, a farm animal in the middle of a field, that my mind’s eye shines a spotlight on and as I focus in I can see that this animal is in pain, but the thing that really gets to me is when I see loving dog owners walking their pets completely oblivious to the fact that their dog has a sore back, is lame on a particular leg or is elderly and exhausted because it can’t manage the long walk that once it did when it was in the flush of youth.

During my time working in veterinary practice I encountered many people who, whilst they loved their pets, had no concept that they were suffering;  The dog owner who would bring his dog in on three legs and say “He’s been like that for months, but he’s not in any pain.”  Of course if the dog’s leg was not painful they would be able to walk on it!  For me, the pain was written all over the dog’s face irrespective of what state the leg was in.

I do believe that the tides are turning.  Many years ago few people raised an eyebrow at animals being neglected or poorly treated, but now more and more people are aware of the suffering of animals that are bred for commerce, especially with the help of the internet to highlight, on a global scale, some of the things that animals have to go through in their lives.   The Vegan movement is one of the fastest growing movements this decade. Yet still our animal loving nation are walking around unaware of the discomfort that their own pets are experiencing from physical and sometimes emotional pain.

We live very busy lives in the western world and the majority of people spend an enormous amount of time in their heads, thinking about what has happened and what is yet to happen and forgetting to be present in the here and now.  People often walk the dog wearing headphones or looking at their mobile phones, scant interaction occurs between man and beast and so the subtle signs of suffering are overlooked.

We can all play our part in raising the awareness that animals feel pain and are capable of feeling a range of complex emotions from the depths of sadness and despair to happiness and love.  I am not saying they experience those things in exactly the same way that we do, with human reasoning,  I am not trying to humanise animals.  The mission here is purely to get people thinking about the other creatures that we share our lives and the planet with and treat them as we would treat any other member of our family.  We are all family, we are all connected, there is no them and us, there is only interconnection on an energetic level all the way down to the air that we breathe, every breath that we take is made up of atoms that have been around for a very long time when our ancestors roamed the earth.

Let’s start greeting animals with Namaste “the Divine in me honours the Divine in you”.