animal communication workshop

Animal Communication Workshop

Animal Healing Sussex and Brightwater Reiki are joining forces for this exciting Animal Communication event in Haslemere, Surrey
2nd & 3rd June 2018.

This is a 2 day comprehensive Animal Communication workshop to develop participant’s skills, knowledge and behaviours to build effective, validated communication with other species.

To raise awareness of the benefits of Animal Communication for participants and for their animal “communicatees”, along with the need to act as Animal Ambassadors/Advocates.

This workshop is open to all levels and abilities.  Numbers are limited to provide maximum time for individual involvement, support and feedback.

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Buy tickets here or get in touch to reserve a place.

We will work and learn together in a friendly, supportive environment.

Focussing on the needs of individuals, the workshop will be highly interactive and participant led, but as a minimum will cover the following:-

  • Fundamentals of animal communication, with a focus on energy
  • Receiving information, in all its forms
  • Making space and creating silence
  • Listening for the whispers – Trust, Prepare, Flow and Share
  • Practice, practice, practice – connecting with animals via photographs, objects and face to face
  •  Managing and sharing feedback information

Why choose us?

  • Not only experienced in Workshop facilitation, we are passionate about animals. Bringing a wealth of skills and experience from the field of working with animals in a communication, healing, health and behaviour context.
  • We believe that to achieve the most valuable outcome people should be encouraged to play to their strengths in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.
  • We believe in helping each other, understanding each other and building our skills to become the best we can be.
  • We are committed to providing after course support and progression for those who would like it.
Contact: Sam on 07796308497 /

Lesley on 07715557734 /

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Animals Helping Each Other

Many of us have witnessed altruistic behaviour from our animal companions towards us and other animals, but it is less common to experience help from one dog to another when one of the dogs is in spirit.

Today I was driving my car chanting to Jonathan Goldman’s Reiki chants.  I was off to attend a monthly lunch meeting with my old friends and former colleagues, a pair of very grounded, matter of fact retired veterinary nurses, from my time in veterinary practice many moons ago!  Chanting away to the music is something that I often do especially on long car journeys.  I hasten to add only when there are no other passengers to inflict this on!

Quite suddenly one of my friend’s dogs who passed away many years ago sprung into my mind with a very clear introduction, I saw her wet nose, whiskery muzzle and then heard her say ‘Hello it is Maisy Jones here.’  Not her real name, but the fact that she used my friend’s surname made me chuckle.  I replied with my hellos and nice to hear from you before asking if everything was ok or if she had something to tell me.  My first question was is my friend alright to which she replied yes, she then communicated with me that she was concerned about Esther the current canine in the Jones household.

Just to explain; Maisy and Esther never met in the physical world, Esther came along some time after Maisy had passed away.  I asked what the problem was and she told me that there was pain in Esther’s left hip and across her lower back and that she felt tired and was perhaps doing too much on her walks which was not helping.

Naturally when I met my friend the first thing I asked was if her dog was ok and she told me that she wasn’t.  When I told her my findings she was able to corroborate everything Maisy had told me. This was also the confirmation that she needed for her to begin to slow down on walks and get Esther a little more help to make her more comfortable.  It was a realisation that perhaps her dog was in more discomfort than she had realised.

I am sharing this with you as this is the first time I have ever had an animal come through from spirit to me to help another animal that they have never had a physical connection with.  What an absolute joy and gift to be given that in the world of spirit animals are out there looking out for each other even when the connection is through the pet parent.

Animal communication:  Listen, understand, make a difference.


Please don’t listen to chants when driving if it makes you drowsy or affects your ability to drive.

Did Reiki Make the Dog’s Leg Grow Back?

Many years ago when I was a Reiki II practitioner and working in a veterinary practice I was able, with the agreement of the vet, to practice on some of the animals.  It was actually through seeing this that some of my colleagues asked me to treat them, as while they thought it was a bit weird they could see for themselves there was something to this Reiki business!

I would like to tell you about my one of my experiences with a Greyhound. The dog had sustained a irreparable leg injury on his left hind and needed surgery to remove the leg, the operation was skillfully performed by the vet and the dog was put in a kennel to rest and recover with the necessary medical paraphernalia attached to him.  The day after the operation I was on the early shift and as usual I had arrived with plenty of time to spare.  The dog was in his kennel and was so very stressed and in pain.  Removal of a limb is traumatic for any animal.  I spoke softly to the dog and immediately felt my hands begin to tingle.  I opened up the kennel door and got inside with the dog, he looked at me with such pain and anguish in his eyes, my heart went out to him.

I held my hands a little way from the dog and ‘connected’ with him, his look changed from panic to interest at what this lady was doing in his kennel! Animals often look quizzical when they feel the Reiki energy for the first time. When working with animals it is especially important to be led by them if a dog is frightened or uncomfortable it may bite, a cat scratch (or bite!) and a horse can give a nasty kick (and again bite!).  I then placed my hands on the dog’s shoulders and the Reiki really began to flow.  We sat like this for a while and he let out a huge sigh; a good sign.  I moved my hands to his head he looked into my eyes, it was a beautiful moment of two souls connecting.  He then realised that despite the lack of one of his limbs he was able to move and he lay down, his breathing slowed and he fell asleep, he slept for a long time and when he woke he was calm and relaxed.  He was able to go home, under supervision, later that day and walked out on his 3 legs with relative ease.

Did Reiki make his leg grow back?  Well of course it didn’t.  What it did was allow his body, mind and spirit to come to terms with the loss and heal itself.  The dog recovered from his surgery well and remarkably quickly.  With Reiki miraculous things can and do happen, but it is a facilitator rather than a magic wand.  It brings back the balance that creates a healing environment.

*The picture in this article is not the actual dog, but the spitting image of him.

Do Animals Say Thank You?

I have recently had a spate of wild birds coming right up to me, these birds are all poorly in some way or another.  Some just look done in, some have injured legs, wings or eye problems.  I send them healing, say a little blessing for them and off they go.  Some come back the next day and the day after for ‘treatments’ and then fly away.

Something I have noticed over my years working with animals is if you make a ‘heart to heart’ connection with them and help them with either healing, helping them adjust to living with a family or rescuing them from a traumatic or stressful  situation they often will come back to you when they are feeling better and say thank you.  Obviously I don’t mean they speak words, but they will come up and make an acknowledgement.  Wild birds will come really close look right at me chirrup and fly away, dogs tend to do a nose bump to the hand and cats do it in a style that only a cat could!  In my personal experience they come right up  close as with the other animals, give eye contact that seems to come deep from their soul to mine, will invite some physical touch from me before getting on with their lives.  I have also experienced animals that I have tried to help or that I have given healing to as they are passing away spring up in meditations to say thank you, sometimes years after the event.  Of course this could be my imagination, but these are often instances that have been forgotten about and anyone who has had profound meditation experiences will know that you can tell the difference between these and an imagining.

During my time spent dog training and helping with behaviour problems I have visited homes where there has been a complete communication and relationship breakdown between a dog and it’s owner.  After working with them the owner will often come to the realisation that the way they were trying to communicate what was expected of the dog to it was actually causing the problem as the dog didn’t understand the language, shouting, beatings etc.  These were beautiful moments where the owner’s whole way of interacting with the dog changed immediately as we worked together in a way that both human and canine understood.  Often at the end of the session the dog would come over to me, look into my face, nose bump or lick my hand and walk away again.

Those of us privileged enough to share our lives in some way with animals will tell you that they are feeling, thinking beings and it is our duty to respect them.

Be compassionate to yourself and others. 5th Reiki Precept.