animal spirit communication

Animals Helping Each Other

Many of us have witnessed altruistic behaviour from our animal companions towards us and other animals, but it is less common to experience help from one dog to another when one of the dogs is in spirit.

Today I was driving my car chanting to Jonathan Goldman’s Reiki chants.  I was off to attend a monthly lunch meeting with my old friends and former colleagues, a pair of very grounded, matter of fact retired veterinary nurses, from my time in veterinary practice many moons ago!  Chanting away to the music is something that I often do especially on long car journeys.  I hasten to add only when there are no other passengers to inflict this on!

Quite suddenly one of my friend’s dogs who passed away many years ago sprung into my mind with a very clear introduction, I saw her wet nose, whiskery muzzle and then heard her say ‘Hello it is Maisy Jones here.’  Not her real name, but the fact that she used my friend’s surname made me chuckle.  I replied with my hellos and nice to hear from you before asking if everything was ok or if she had something to tell me.  My first question was is my friend alright to which she replied yes, she then communicated with me that she was concerned about Esther the current canine in the Jones household.

Just to explain; Maisy and Esther never met in the physical world, Esther came along some time after Maisy had passed away.  I asked what the problem was and she told me that there was pain in Esther’s left hip and across her lower back and that she felt tired and was perhaps doing too much on her walks which was not helping.

Naturally when I met my friend the first thing I asked was if her dog was ok and she told me that she wasn’t.  When I told her my findings she was able to corroborate everything Maisy had told me. This was also the confirmation that she needed for her to begin to slow down on walks and get Esther a little more help to make her more comfortable.  It was a realisation that perhaps her dog was in more discomfort than she had realised.

I am sharing this with you as this is the first time I have ever had an animal come through from spirit to me to help another animal that they have never had a physical connection with.  What an absolute joy and gift to be given that in the world of spirit animals are out there looking out for each other even when the connection is through the pet parent.

Animal communication:  Listen, understand, make a difference.


Please don’t listen to chants when driving if it makes you drowsy or affects your ability to drive.