Help with specific doggy problems

Sometimes dogs can get away with things as puppies that when they suddenly turn into teenagers become unacceptable or problematic behaviours.  Over the last 25 years I have seen more dogs who are between 6-18 months of age than any other.  Dogs are not dissimilar to children in that when hormones begin raging if they are not given understandable boundaries their behaviours can become quite a challenge!

When taking on an older rescued dog they can often come with insecurities and behaviours that require some work to allow them to fit in with the way you and your family live.

How we can help…

  • work with you to overcome the problem
  • offer basic training for the older dog who has had none
  • offer a written programme just for you and your dog
  • follow up support
  • use simple, kind and effective methods that can enhance your relationship with the dog

To discuss your problem please contact Lesley


I am a Reiki Master, healer, Lightworker, writer and a seeker of the spiritual gifts of the Universe. Specialising in animal healing and communication, Reiki for people, inspirational blog,, meditation lessons, workshops and spiritual life guidance. I have a background in canine behaviour. I believe firmly that although life gives us challenges we don’t have to be broken by them. I aim to bring back balance in a hectic world through simple, gentle yet effective techniques. My Websites offer information about Reiki treatments for people,, and animals,, workshops and meditation lessons in East Sussex, UK. Reiki is a wonderful complimentary therapy that works well alongside conventional therapies and can assist all manner of problems from emotional, physical and spiritual.

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